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I have been thinking about a fic all week, and can't seem to locate it. The problem is that I only remember a small bit of the plot line. I am hoping someone can help me locate it.

I believe it is an Anti-Michael fic and was on Midnight Whispers. I could be wrong about those.

The bit that I remember is that Brian owned the whole building the loft is in, and I THINK that Ben and Emmet moved into one of the apartments either as a couple or as roommates. I know it was a longer fic, and I think had a Ben leaves Michael theme. The problem now is that I am wondering if it was Vic who moved in with Emmet instead and I am remembering wrong. I believe that someone else in the family had an apartment in the same building. I remember a scene where Emmet and either Ben or Vic went to Brian and Justin and asked if they could move into the building... possibly in a 3 bdr apt.

I checked the Ben/Emmet tag and didn't see anything that looked right. If someone knows the fic, I would greatly appreciate it.

FOUND! Family Divided by Edom
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JR is using drugs and gets arrested. Gus goes to Brian and Melanie blame him for the drugs.

Lindsay uses Gus's credit card and gets arrested.

Read this not long ago, now can't find it.

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Hi all really happy to find this comm and i've spent the last few days just reading though anything interesting  but i've been searching for a specific fic and had no luck so far so any help would be great.
I remember one scene really vividly  - i think micheal had been spreading the news that Brian had agreed to the bet with Brandon and maybe Jen had mentioned to Deb that Justin was going to rent an apartment for a studio but the wires got crossed and she assumed that meant Justin was moving out.
Brian came back to the loft while Justin was packing and thought Mickey was right and they started to shout at each other - both accusing the other of thing they heard and they finally registered what the other was saying and were like "What aparment?" "What bet?" and Brian looked at the box i think he'd knocked out of Justins hands and there was just paintbrushes there
Another scene that may be in this fic - not sure - was a convosation about prop 14 and about how Justin wasn't arguing against it because he wanted to get married it was because he just wanted everyone elses to be able to and i think there was a mention of if he wanted to wear heels to walk in pride he should be able to.
Hope someone can point me in the direction of this fic
TY in advance :)

Found in super quick time - Reverberations by wren
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Hello everyone . I was scrolling a few years back and found this post :


It seems like the story exists but no one found it . So i was wondering if it was really truly real or not . Hope someone can help me .

This what was written in the post :

and another request... its a m-preg, Justin gets pregnant just before Brian' surgery (cancer thing) so when Brian kicks him out Justin's already pregnant, but Justin doesn't tell anyone about it.
I don't know if it's a story or I dream that but here's some details: Justin tells Debbie off when she gets her annoying self in the middle of things and she slaps Justin, then Brian finds out about the baby because Justin has to go to the hospital 'cause Debbie cut Justin's face with her ring. The doctor who attends Justin tells the 'family' off for their treatment of Justin and she's rude to Brian and refuses to let him in the room...

Not found :(
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Hope someone can help.
I have very vague recollections of this story.
Brian and Justin have custody of children, one of which was fathered by Michael. I'm guessing the kids are Gus and JR but I'm not sure. Michael didnt want full custody so he's ok with the arrangement. I'm assuming Mel&Linds are dead.

Anyway, Justin bought a cabin in the countryside and he, Brian and the kids spend Xmas and new year there and are uncontactable for the month. They decide to do this every year.I remember Debbie & Michael were pissed about this.

I know it's not a lot to go on, but I hope it rings a bell with someone. I've checked deadlesbians and B/J raise gus/JR tags but no joy.
Found Link in Comments
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I'm looking for a fic a read a while ago where Mel and Ben talk about what it's like loving people who love Brian and then Hunter joins the conversation. Later at Debbie's, Hunter (and possibly Ben and Mel) wears a t-shirt with letters that stand for something like "Assholes who love assholes who love the asshole" or something like that.
I think that Ben leaves Michael after this dinner because Michael complains about Brian paying for Hunters college fund or Hunter applying to college at all?

Anyway, does anyone recognize this story? I might have mixed two stories but I really want to find it.

Thanks in advance,

Found! It's "Left Behind" by bec2224. Links in the comments. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] moonflowerkc for the fast response :)
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Hey everyone.

I am looking for stories where Ben might have a crush on Justin. Brian/Justin as the main pairing of course but it'll be nice to see Ben/Justin sometimes. But please, Brian/Justin ending please.

I've read this story a long time ago, perhaps a few yeas back not sure. It was a story where Brian had amnesia and Michael told him that they were together. Then Justin barged into the loft and made a claim on Brian. He then took Brian to meet a doctor? and it happened to be a friend of Brian's and he knew that Brian faked amnesia.

Thank you :)

Found !! I swear this community is ridiculously amazing !
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I only remember a scene. I know I have it put on my kindle, but can't for the life of me remember which fic it is. (I seriously have about 1000 fics on it, so a little guidance will definitely be helpful)

Brian and Michael are in the store and Michael says to Brian how "between them, Gus and JR will be brought up right" It's mentioned how debbie was embarassing adn loud. Brian is scathing in his remarks to Michael about how lucky he was etc.

I'm probably going to smack myself once it's figured out, but it's been driving me nuts for 2 or 3 days now.

thanks you for any assistance.

I'm smacking my forhead. I'm a dork. It's Left Behind by bec2224 http://archiveofourown.org/works/931106 Love her fics. She's so wonderfully anti-Michael. HAHA. Anyone who hasn't, should definitely read her fics. They're such fun to read. Also read her crack fic, Life is but a Dream. Died laughing at the ridiculousness of it!  http://archiveofourown.org/works/932820

thanks bec!
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Hi. I'm trying to remember two fics I've read like a few weeks ago (yes my memory is either that bad or I just fail finding things lol),and I can't remember the titles. But I do remember that in:

Fic 1) That Mikey had gotten so jealous and delusional over Brian and Justin,that he breaks into the loft and smashes and slashes everything in sight,thereby setting off one Justin's panic attacks. When Brian and Ted are going over the damage for the insurance,Ted finds Justin's engagement band in the garbage disposal and Mikey took the other one from Brian's desk. This one has an Anti-Michael tag attached,I think..can't remember.

Fic 2) It's Brian's birthday and the anniversary of Justin's bashing,Justin tells their friends that he doesn't find their idea of birthday prank funny,since Brian's turning 30 and rats them out to Brian. So Brian takes himself and Justin to New York so the day can be remembered as a happy occasion and not a sad one.

Any help with the titles or links would be greatly appreciated,thank you! <3 :)
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I believe they were at Deb's and maybe Lindsay and Melanie moved back to Pittsburgh (??). All I know is they were there, as well as everyone, for dinner (I'm not too sure if Brian and Justin were there at the beginning and left partway through before the verbal attacks came on or if they weren't there to begin with, but everyone else was). Linds and Mel were talking about buying a car so Lindsay could transport Gus and JR around the city with ease. Lindsay was very "humble", saying how she doesn't mind taking the bus. Debbie was all up in arms that her precious granddaughter never see the filth of public transportation. Mel was angry and indignant because she and Lindsay had asked Brian to help pay for a car and he'd apparently refused. Michael felt it was Brian's responsibility to pay for everything. Ben thought Michael was out of line with that because Brian isn't just a bank for all of them to use everytime they needed something, and he certainly had no responsibilities towards JR, Michael or Debbie (it was also pointed out that Brian had paid for all their needs recently) but Michael was all "confused" and thought Brian should be held accountable for them all since he had money. One of them - Michael or Melanie - also called Justin Brian's boy toy and accused Brian of spending more on Justin than he ever would on a car.

Ted finally had had enough and stood up for everyone. He pointed out that Brian had paid for and done selfless things for all of them, so he isn't an asshole. Justin had raked in tons of money from his art (as much as Kinnetik, I think) and he put it all in a joint account with Brian. So, technically, Justin was paying for all of their things as well (new roof for Debbie (??), Michael's store mortgage, etc.) He also asked how much Michael was contributing in his house with Ben and Hunter. He then revealed that the only reason Brian hadn't gotten Lindsay and Melanie a car was because the girls refused to pick a car that Justin and Ted had painstakingly compiled (for safety issues, most child-friendly, environmentally-friendly, etc.) The girls, especially Melanie, had gotten very cagey and indignant that Brian would try and "control" them by telling them which car to choose. He then walked out and said something about going to Woody's or Babylon. I think Ben stood up and said that he was going to buy the man a drink for being such a good friend (or maybe it was Emmett who said it...)

I read this story a while back and while I can remember all these details...I can't seem to remember the title or the author. It's that way with me all the time. I searched the ted tag, the anti-ensemble tag...Nothing.

If any of you have read this and remembered it, please, please, PLEASE let me know.

EDIT: WOW!! Found scarily fast. The link is in the comment and thank you so much for the speedy answer!

Thank you so much!

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I read a great fic of Brian taking Justin to the loft and Justin realizing that there was a malevolent presence ( Mikey) which he... Justin, fights and saves Brian from it.

Love from 6frog

Found (stories in comments, in fact  'Never Have Never Will' and 'Always Have, Always Will' both by Magsnificent are wonderful but I think I prefer AH, AW better. Thank you so much all of you.

Custody Fic

Dec. 7th, 2013 12:03 am
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I'm looking for a story where Brian sues for custody of Gus because after JR's birth they neglect him.  Everyone is gushing over Michael's daughter that Gus gets forgotten.  Once Brian finds him alone on the sidewalk at his own birthday party.  Another part has Mel actually forgetting that Gus returned from a friends and lets him in the house alone overnight.  Gus calls Brian on the phone.

Can anyone help me?


FOUND:  Kaite's "Changing Family Dynamics
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OK - know I have read this one recently. Brian and Justin meet friends through Jennifer. The two friends move the the Pitts and get a home through Jennifer. Brian and Justin move into the old theatre of a converted school that the friends passed on. Mel and Brian share custody of Gus after Lindz loses it.Mel moves into the same building and Justin fathers a child with her.

Know there is alot more to it but these are the memorable points. Any help appreciated.

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I'm looking for a fic in which Michael calls Justin a stalker. Emmett tells Michael what it means to be a stalker, but Michael doesn't understand it was about him.

I hope someone will know this fic.

Thanks in advance.


FOUND: link in comments :)

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I'm pretty sure I have this story saved already, but I can't remember the title or author.

The whole family begins to ignore Gus in favor of JR (I believe they use that name in this story). They don't even realize that Gus leaves his own birthday party. Brian and Justin find him and are disgusted with the family's lack of care towards Gus and fight for custody.

That's all I remember.

Edit: Name and author given. Thanks for speedy response.
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Hi. I'm looking for any stories where Deb goes to hit Justin in the head, forgetting about his previous head injury from the bashing. I remember reading a story where Justin says something about Michael while at the loft with Brian and Deb and Deb goes to hit him but Brian stops her before she can. Any stories really that are anti-Deb and yes, I've checked the tags already. Thank you.

EDIT: Found, link in comments.
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I'm searching for two fics:
#1:  Mel and Lindsey have some Problems in their relationship and go to therapy. During this therapy they have to go camping. I think this was supposed to make them work together. It was not particularly anti- mel& linds but not too friendly either.

#2: I just remember that Justin said something along the lines to Lindsey like : You demand a lot of money from Brian for his kid, but you are dressed in designer clothes.
It was obviously anti- lindsey and AU, as Brian and Justin meet each other in an other way.

Sorry that I don't have more to go by, but these pieces just pooped into my head.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks a lot


Both stories found- Thanks to highd and all the others.
# 1 Ishealing ; # 2 the Mask  links are in comments
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I don't remember much else about this fic, including why Debbie was being such a bitch to Justin. I think this is around he holidays, post Ian, and Brian bought tickets to Vermont for the 2 of them to make up for the trip they never took. I also remember Justin's parting shot as he slammed out of the diner was a remark about suing for unlawful termination. Anyone know the fic I'm talking about? Thanks!

FOUND! I mixed up 2 fics in my head. I'm thinking of 'Mirror' by Besame, where Brian takes Justing on a trip, and Justin has to quit in order to go. It's another fic where he threatens to sue because he's fired. See comments for all the info.
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Hola. I'm having a morbid Monday night!

1) I remember reading one long fic a while ago that was post 5.13--Justin had an eating disorder in New York, Brian came up and got him, made him take his sweater off to see the weight loss, brought him home and got him in treatment. I'm looking for other fics where Justin (but if there are ones with Brian, those too!) has an eating disorder of some kind.

2) Also in the vein of "I've read one and I want more"--fics were Justin (or, again, Brian would be fine too) is raped and has to deal with the aftermath? The one I read was at Sap's party, and I know there are a few of those out there...but I was wondering if there were ones that took place at other times? As in-universe as possible would be good...not Melanie raping Justin or something.

Thanks guys!

EDIT: Tons of links in the comments! You guys never cease to amaze me.

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