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In 2003 an Authour named QAFluva wrote 2 chapters of a story named  BACK FROM THE MIST on ATP and stoped.

Since then I'm looking for this story with no luck. I know he finish it but posted on a diferent site.

Did anyone know about this?
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I read this story on fanfiction.net

It was a seaquel to a story that had over 50 chapters.
(Can i come back home to you)

And then we start on mattied life has 10 chapters. It is not complete.

The author is Peetabreaddd.

Any ideas if this was also posted somewhere else with more chapters? Would love to read more...
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I imagine this is in the tags somewhere, but I'm not having any luck finding it.

I recall that there was a horrible car crash with Linds, Mel, Justin, and Gus all in the car. I believe Justin rescues Gus, who sees his mothers die horribly. Justin is seriously injured or at least bloody, but Justin comforts Gus and will not let the paramedics help him until they get Brian there to take care of Gus.

I don't believe B/J knew one another (or at least not well) before the accident, but I think that after the accident, they raise Gus together.

I also recall that the day after the crash, Brian visits the site and is horrified by the burned and mangled wreckage of the car, realizing how much Justin risked to save Gus and how lucky he is that Gus lived through it.

I appreciate any help offered!


Found! Through the Rain by Carly http://www.mags-nificent.com/MSW/CF/Rain.htm

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At the end of Broken Image Act One, it says check back for Broken Image Act 2. I was wondering if there was ever an Act 2 written and posted for Broken Image? The first one does kinda leave off in a good place...but still. Here's the link for Broken Image Act one for anyone who wants to read it or what have you.

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Hello, i found this fic on insane journal but fould only find part 1 and there are 2 parts. I have looked around but cant find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

UPDATE: looks like part 2 was never posted
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I have been reading the fic Taylor Made for Brian Kinney by treetrust and only have found eight chapters . Is the story complete somewhere or abandoned? I really enjoyed it and so hope it is completed somewhere. Anyone know? Keeping my fingers crossed and thanks for any help!

THE STORY SEEMS TO BE ABANDONED 😩 I would be so happy if I was proven wrong though! Thanks for everyone's help 🙂
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I'm looking for story where Brian first meets Justin at a cafe called the Golden Gardenia. I'm more than sure i read it over on AO3 but couldn't find it and that it is set around the time Brian found out he has cancer. Sorry that's all that I remember.

FOUND: Readiness is Near by tinydancer
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I've spent the last day picking through the tags hoping to find a specific fic. In it there is a custody battle for Gus. The end result is that Brian gets custody of Gus but Michael gets custody of JR. This is because of legal proceedings against Lindsay for the whole Gui-thing. It's definitely not Changing Family Dynamics.

FOUND! "Parental rights" by Rena
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Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read a few years ago... I remember it was a WIP, Justin and Brian were broken up, probably season 3. I remember that Justin started acting strange, saying crazy things, and they admitted him into a hospital. I don't remember what was wrong with him, just that he couldn't move most of his body and would soon lose control of his bladder and Brian was there, even though they weren't getting on well. I remember Justin would space out in the middle of a sentence... they were trying to cure him. Of course I could be mixing up different stories. I tried the tags.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: found! thanks to jule2009. It's Little Lion Man by Ohmyjetsabel, still a wip
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I'm looking for a story, the only think I remember is that Brian and Justin go to Toronto for Gus graduation and Lindsay and Malanie doesn't want theme to come. There is an argumet on the street and after Malanie push Gus he fall down and broke his arm.

Thank you,
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Hi. I'm looking for an AU fic where Brian is an English teacher at Justin's school. A few things I remember:

Justin has a crush on Brian.
Justin and Daphne went to Babylon and Justin is shocked to find his teacher in the back room, er, doing stuff.
Brian is mad Justin used his fake ID to get in.
Brian's dad died and Justin skipped school and went to his funeral.
Lindsay is an Art teacher at the same school.
Brian kissed Justin a few times, but then always push Justin away because he's a teacher.
Brian owns Babylon and forbids Justin from going back but of course Justin goes anyway.
Justin meets the gang and find out from Emmett that Brian wrote a series of erotica books and has money.

I read it on Midnight Whispers and it's still a WIP.


FOUND: Hot for Teacher by Charming1 Link in comments.
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1) I read a fic some time ago where Brian and Justin were in court and I think they were suing the girls for custody or something and Joan testifies against Brian and makes references to Justin, I believe. Sorry that's about all I can remember from the fic.

2) Are there any fics where Brian and Mel have been friends since college and gives birth to Gus, Lindsay's the one who doesn't care for Brian or Justin. And who only cares about how much money she can get out of Brian even though he still has his rights to Gus.

EDIT: First request found. Nothing for number 2 I got one rec so far but it might be a WIP though. Any more recs for #2 (if found) would be great! Links in comments.
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Is there a working link for Dead Marine at Babylon or maybe a dl rtf file? The link I did find is dead for whatever reason. Also,I had read To Each His Own and I was wondering if there any more fics with Brian and Justin along those same lines. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!!

EDIT: Great recs,keep them coming! *FOUND* Links for the first 8 chapters and prolouge for Dead Marine At Babylon. I asked the author if it's finished or not and waiting to hear back.
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Does anyone know of The Black Rose has abandoned her/his fic called Nanny Extraordinaire? It hasn't been updated since 2011.

Update!! Got in touch with her via twitter and got my answer. :)
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I just read " I'll be your eyes" by ngirl16. It hasn't been updated in like five years on MW,and I was wondering if anyone knows if she's still writing QAF fan fics or has she updated her stuff somewhere other than on MidnightWhispers? Thanks! :)

Question answered!! :)
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Following your suggestion, I read "Talisman Series". It's great stories but I was wondering if "And so moving forward, part 2" exists? I'm about to start "The return of Divina Devore" and I realize that it's the last completed one!!!! Horror!!!

ETA: Well it seems Paeansong is still writing so we just have to wait and maybe stalk to have the next part lol.
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Does anyone know if this fic was ever finished? I have read up to Chapter 4, but can't find anymore. It is a reincarnation fic, both Brian and Justin die in a car crash and Brian promises to search for Justin in the next life.
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Am looking for a fic where Justin is in teh hospital (no sure if it's from the bashing or not) and Brian is in teh room. Michael storms in and pretty much starts ordering Brian to go home, he's been there for however many days etc. Brian tells him off etc Obviously it's an Anti-Michael, looked in teh tags, but haven't found it thus far.
Would appreciate the help. this scene has been bouncing around in my head and I can't remember it.
Many thanks,

UPDATE: After much searching it has been deemed not found. :(
UPDATE #2: "Tommorow Series" by Puddles. Similiar scene is in chapters 3 and 6. Here's link:
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Hello to all!

I wonder if anyone knows any link to the fic Syracuse Charade. I just started reading it and I can not find it.

The story begins with Brian having a nightmare where he relives the prom Justin. Justin is in PIFA and Brian works at Vanguard. Gardner sends Brian on a journey with Cynthia to NY to get an account if unable Brian Vance the threat of losing his job as a partner. I have read up to this point and would like to continue reading.

Thank you for the help everyone!


Found thanks to marny1. Unfortunately is a WIP and believe it has been abandoned.
For those interested here's the link: http://armands-fanfic.livejournal.com/t ag / Syracuse 20charade%
Marny1 thank for their valuable help and incredible speed in finding the story.
A hug, my dear!
Kisses for everyone!

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