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Jul. 15th, 2017 03:19 am
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Mom came up Thursday and drove up to the job interview with me. It was in a tiny room, and there were two women who took turns asking me questions. I thought I was doing ok, but then at then end the one woman didn't even look at me as she said thanks for coming, and the other woman shook my hand and said they'd make their decision by Friday afternoon, and they didn't pick me since I never got a call. It was only 29 hours a week, but it seemed like a job I could totally do: take phone calls about trash pick up (joy) or water/sewer questions, send out bills, it sounded from what they said like it would have felt a lot like working at the garbage company. And I'm pretty disappointed and hopeless.

After the interview, mom said we should go to breakfast. Then she realized how close we were to my brother's, so she said we should go there first, and she'd put the plants back in the sink. So we did, and were just there for a few minutes. Then we went to breakfast at the diner I like, which was nice.

Driving back to my place, she said we should go to the service station where dad gets his car worked on, and see if they guy would look at my car if I had it towed over. So we did, though I was exhausted already from doing SO MANY things in one day, and soaked with sweat because it was 95 and 85% humidity and I was wearing khakis and a long sleeve shirt. The guy said ok.
So I drove us back to my apartment, and mom went home, and I changed clothes and called AAA to get my car towed. They said the driver would be there within the hour, so I left and went over to sit and wait for him to arrive.
And when the tow truck driver arrived, he kept trying to sell me a battery "if you have them install a battery, you have to pay a markup plus the installation fee, but I can have one of our guys do it blah blah" and I kept saying I could only afford it if it was covered by AAA and he kept telling me what I should do until I was shrieking at him that I had two maxed out credit cards and I could not pay him anything. Then he finally hooked up the car and towed it over.
And I was like thank fucking god.
I came home and cooled off a little finally, and got in bed to take a nap. And the phone rang an hour later and woke me up, and it was the guy from the service station saying I should have my car taken to a specialist (that's what he said: a specialist) because it looked like an animal had been building a nest in it and had eaten through the wires because as soon as he'd hooked up a charger to see if the battery would take a charge, the windshield wipers started going. I tried to tell him yes, that was part of the problem, but that apparently that was something that happened with this kind of car when the battery was super low, but he wouldn't listen and just said I should have it taken somewhere else. So I hung up and cried and felt more hopeless.

I would have had my car towed to a dealership in the first place if I could afford to get it fixed. But dad said to have his guy look at it, and mom said she thought dad would pay for that guy to fix it. So now it's sitting in the parking lot at the service station because I don't know what to do with it.

Why won't anyone hire me? The job market is supposed to be strong. I have a BA, I have a solid work history though I haven't worked in a few years. But no one will hire me. Just seems pretty hopeless.

It's supposed to be not quite so hot today, Saturday, as it's been the last few days. I was thinking about going to my brother's and doing some more laundry and trying to make up the girls' beds. They come home in three days. It feels like they've been gone for so long.

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Jul. 13th, 2017 06:35 am
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I have a job interview at 9:30. It's for a part time (29 hours per week) job up at the courthouse administration annex building as an assistant clerk. Didn't get any sleep tonight. So anxious. Mom is going to come up and drive up there with me (so that I won't back out on going at the last minute, or never make it inside). I don't even remember what the job description was (when the woman called, Tuesday, she said something like, "You applied for the blah blah job back in March and I was wondering if you were still interested?" It made me think they hired someone, or almost hired someone, and that person must've gotten a better job at the last second. But while I'm sure I could do the job with like ten seconds training (whatever the job is, it isn't going to be beyond my skill set), I'm also 100% sure I can't get past the interview. I have never had a degree that involved being-a-clerk or being-an-assistant. And the shirt that was tight on me (despite being brand new) a few weeks ago may not even fit when I get it out of the closet in a couple hours.

But I was already super anxious because I got an email from the place my brother works for saying I could do an online interview at the time of my choosing, like it would give me prompts to record answers to questions. And it said to try to do it within 24 hours but if not as soon as possible. I still haven't done it. Aaaaa.

And every time I talk to mom she just asks about the car, have I gotten the car towed to get it looked at. And I say no, because I can't afford to get it fixed, so I don't have a lot of reason to get it towed. Aaaaa!

Mom wants to go over after the job interview and get the car towed or something. I don't want to mess with it, as it's supposed to be 95 today, and after the job interview I'm likely to be soaked with sweat and desperate to come home and sit in the dim cool apartment.
Anxiety off the chart.

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