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Name:Get It Here
Website:Rules 2 & 3: VERY Important
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A Full-Service Search Assistance Community
for Queer as Folk Fans

This is a multi-category search assistance community for fan works and fan inquiries about Queer as Folk (US). Have you been trying to find a vid you saw once? Or had a scene from a fic running through your head for days but can't remember where you read it? Or do you just ache for a vampire!Brian fic but can't find one? Remember reading an interview and don't know what publication it was in? Want to watch the episodes and then discuss them with other fandom members and don't know where to find those communities? getithere!

This is an open comm, though you must join before posting. Joining is instantaneous and pain-free. Anonymous comments are not allowed.

Credits: First of all, we must thank our fairy godmother, who generously and anonymously gifted our community with a year of paid time! This beautiful redesign would not be possible without her gift. Your refurbished community is also due to the generosity of some of our very talented graphics creators. qafmaniac designed the gorgeous new layout and pfodge and kari77 created the gifs you see below. ETA: We must also thank the amazing members who stepped up to fund this community until 2020! You guys rock!!

To Keep Our Comm Running Smoothly,
PLEASE Read the Rules Below Before Posting!! Thanks.

Before you post anything, please read the rules below. (We know a rule will slip your mind from time to time. It's OK. Just check 'em out and do your best.)

1. ALL TYPES of searches are welcome. We DO NOT DISCRIMINATE against fan works based on author talent, porn content, kink, completeness, popularity, genre, type of fan work, or even ship or pairing. Repeat: ALL searches of ALL types are welcome. This community is to help you find a specific fan work or creator of a fan work irrespective of what kind of fan work it is (fic, vid, mood theme, icon, meta, etc.) or to request recommendations for a specific type of fan work (e.g., high school or wedding or novel-length or Brian/Emmett fics; but not catch-all categories (e.g., "angst" or "hot pr0n fics." For larger, general categories like these, please check the Memories and Tags because we will save fics in multiple categories). Please do NOT post in response to an earlier post, go to that earlier post and respond directly in those comments.

2. SUBJECT LINES: Please use them and please make them specific! ;) For ease of searching and response, a specific subject line is mandatory. A specific subject line is one that says (for example): "Two fics: 1. Brian dealing with aging / 2. Justin is deaf or has disability", not "help!" or "looking for fic" That doesn't help anyone who is quickly scrolling or checking the archives. And don't worry, the subject line accommodates a lot, so even if you're looking for more than one fic, you can give a little description of each within the subject line. POSTS WITHOUT SPECIFIC SUBJECT LINES WILL BE DELETED!

3. Those rapidly reproducing "Me, too!" comments: Posters, whenever someone offers to email you a fic, *please* immediately update your entry to ask that anyone else who wants the fic to PM or email you or the commenter instead of "me, too, please"-ing in the comments. And Commenters, when you offer to email, please remember to add in your comment that if anyone else would like a copy, to PM or email you directly for it rather than ask in the comments.

We don't ask this to be all strict and bitchy, but to save ourselves from having to read 76 or 37 or 52 or however many "me, too" requests there are JUST to make sure there's no wankery happening. Even when we're not actively chiming in, you may be certain that we read each post and each comment. Plus, you know, we get all bummed out when we think there are going to be a ton of recs for fic and *maybe, oh, please, oh, please* there will be a few we've never read! only to find it's requests for emailed copies. ;( And we've been a "me, too"-ers in our pre-Mod days and do heartily apologize for those transgressions. ;)

This is an almost 100% wank-free community and we sincerely appreciate everyone's efforts at keeping the comm such a friendly and helpful place, but on rare occasions, a comment is posted that another person takes exception to and then others might jump in and then, before you know it, well, wank and hurt feelings. Again, hardly ever, but we still have to make sure of it. Thanks in advance for helping us out with this.

4. Do not post from your own journal; come to GIH and post DIRECTLY to the comm. We ask this because posting from your own LJ means you are posting using your own settings, and can therefore cause issues such as locked posts, screened comments, weird fonts/colors, etc., which we then either have to fix or ask you to fix. Let's save us all some time, 'kay?

5. Didn't think it needed to be said, but NO weird fonts/colors. We love the rainbow, but sticking to black type, as well as the standard comm font, is the best way to make sure that every post can be easily read.

6. We get a LOT of repeated requests. Please take a minute to scroll back through a couple weeks or so of posts (and it *will* only take a minute because the subject lines are clear! lol) and check the Tags and Memories before making your request. Speaking of the Tags, you don't need to worry about adding them to your posts. (You couldn't if you tried, but people new to the comm always ask.) We Mods are the only ones who do that.

7. Once you've found what it was you were looking for, please edit your entry (body of the post, not subject) with a line saying that you've found it. It's *preferable* if you could give fic and author name as well as a link in the body of the post, as sometimes the comment giving the answer to the request will disappear at some point (deleted LJ?, who knows?). If you were looking for a popular genre, or for whatever reason got more than three links, you don't have to link to all of them separately, of course. However, please do edit the post saying that there are lots of links in the comments. If you haven't gotten an answer to your request after a week or so, please update anyway to say that you are still looking.

8. No flames. Period. Posts or comments flaming authors, searchers, or the mods, will be deleted without notice and the poster may be banned from the comm.

9. Keep entries to a reasonable length. If a long description is necessary, put it behind an LJ cut. If you don't know how to make a cut, see the reference link below these rules. Three searches per post is the limit. If you have more than three different requests, please save the rest for a separate post.

10. Off-topic or non-search posts will be deleted.

11. Authors sometimes decide to delete their fic or an archive site goes off-line. Almost always, someone has previously saved it to their hard drive and is willing to email a copy of the fic or is willing to upload to a file-sharing site, which is fine and encouraged. However, some authors would prefer not to have their fics distributed here. If we are notified by an author that their fics have been taken down and they make a "no-share" request, we'll inform a requester that those particular fics aren't available for sharing *via this community*. What you share via private messaging outside this community is completely up to you. As of now, the only authors who've made that request are jans_intentions and niquita_gia. Also, akintay, who is still on LJ has requested that her fics only be accessed via her LJ. Her fics are all unlocked there and she is fine with members posting a link, so please just link any requesters to her LJ for these particular fics.

That's it! Please direct any comments, complaints, or questions to vlredreign, court1429, or wouldbedorothy. We only bite when asked prettily. ;D

!!! Happy Searching !!!

Some helpful LJ FAQs:
*How do I edit or delete a journal entry I wrote?
*How do I use an lj-cut?
*How do I post in a community?
*How do I add a link in my entry?


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