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Is anyone else having problems signing in on Midnight Whispers? When I try to login it tells me I have to type in some code. Is this something new?
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I have searched all Gus tags and Daddy fic. tags and I can't find this story -

- Brian goes to the diner with a very young Gus.
- He teaches Gus how to read the menu and how to order a healthy meal.
- Brian is glad that the menu has pictures so he can teach Gus to order.
- I think it's anti-Lindsey and/or Mel.
- I think the girls limit the amount of time that they allow Brian to spend with Gus.
- The girls didn't think Gus could order when they went to a Pizza place to eat and Brian wanted Gus to order for them all.
- I think Gus also has a watch that Brian or maybe Mikey gave him, so he can tell time.
- Though it is a great story, IT'S NOT "Love and Drama at the Sit-A-Spell" by Predec2

Thank you for your help!

FOUND: Why Not With Me by indigo556 -
Link in Comments - Thank You, malanna42 for finding it.
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In 2003 an Authour named QAFluva wrote 2 chapters of a story named  BACK FROM THE MIST on ATP and stoped.

Since then I'm looking for this story with no luck. I know he finish it but posted on a diferent site.

Did anyone know about this?
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Hi all! I'm looking for 2 fics that involve B/J getting custody of Gus.

1. In the first one Lindsay (or maybe Mel?) calls the cops and tells them there are drugs at Britin, and they come search and find nothing. It's during a custody fight of some sort.

2. Lindsay takes off while Mel's pregnant, and B/J take care of her. Lindsay comes back briefly, but then decides to move to an artist's colony. She gives up her rights to Gus, and there's a scene where she's leaving and Gus is watching from his bedroom window.

It's possible these are the same fic, and I'll have a 'duh' moment when someone reminds me which fic(s) it is.


Both found! #1 is Finality and Life Choices by Luv_Sam. #2 is Broken Dreams by Julesmonster.
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Hi Lovely Mods,
Posting this here rather than PM-img y'all since I figure others might be wondering as well.

Are you guys going to create a Dreamwidth mirror account for this invaluable QAF resource?
You know, in case the apocalypse hits.

Much love,


Apr. 18th, 2017 11:38 am
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Hello everyone. I recently had to get a new PC and lost the Good Morning Sunshine, and the Where the fuck are you ringtones that I had saved. The link in the tags no longer work. Can anyone let me know if there is a new link. I used the Good Morning Sunshine as my email notification on my phone and when I got a new phone I lost the ringtone. All help is appreciated thank you.

Edited to add: What happened to our beautiful header?

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] landlady_4rent I now have it saved in my iCloud drive.
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I'm looking for Brian/Justin Fic where Justin get custody of his baby brother after his mother's death. He avoided Brian a bit after it happened. If I remember correctly he also had to take care of Molly later on. I can't remember either it's title or Author.

Could somebody help me find it?

Story Found:
Life Altering!! By Ispazz: https://www.midnightwhispers.net/viewstory.php?sid=2003
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Hi, I'm looking for a story where something happens with Michael that Brian can't take the big huge elephant in the room any longer.  Brian takes Michael to their high school, to the exact spot where they first met and tells him that he's never going to be in love with him...ever.  Michael cries and whines.  Brian leaves him there.  I think he calls Emmett to come and get him, but not sure.

And that's all I remember, anyone have any ideas?


Story found, link in post
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I don't know the author or title. Here is what I know.
1)Justin had been in the military. He was injured badly and had a permanent limp that he was self conscience of.
2)justin has twin daughters who are models with Daphne.
3)Gus has crush on Justin's daughters.
4)His daughters are doing a campaign for Brian
5)Gus wants Justin to teach him how to fly.

I hope this fic sounds like one somebody has read. Thanks.
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Two stories came to mind tonight. I read both of them (or dreamed them up) a long time ago and had forgotten them.

1. Justin contracts to do some work for Babylon during the rebuilding, which I think is where Brian meets him. I remember something about the paintings lining an entryway and honoring the victims? I seem to recall that Brian and Justin didn't hit it off right away for some reason. May be wrong aout that.

2. After Brian and Justin meet (AU meeting) they somehow find out that Justin won an anonymous (?) contest for Kinnetik. it was a poster for Babylon, I believe, done while Justin was in school.

I know I'm not remembering much about these but any help finding them would be appreciated and I'll continue to search the tags. I've not had much luck there on these, however.
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Hi, me again looking for another story.

In this one, Justin and Brian are at a home improvement store (I believe Home Depot or something). Justin is looking at paint samples, while Brian is looking for something to preserve Gus's footprint on his loft floor. Molly and Craig are also at the store and Molly screams Justin names upon spotting him.

I was thinking it was one of galeandrandy's fics, but no such luck.

Story Found:
Spring Fever by Rizabeau sequel to New Year
Link in the comments
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Long time, no see! RL has kept me way too busy. Quite a while ago, I happened across One More Time by thewinsomewasp (which I hope hasn't been abandoned), and discovered I liked this kind of plot.

Elsewhere along the line, I saw mention of other fics in this subgenre. They gave credit to thewinsomewasp for inspiration, but I didn't save any links. I've scrolled back through GIH posts for the last year (and boy, did that ever take a depressingly short amount of time :-() and I've checked the tags, of course, but didn't find anything new.

More recently, I found The Story of Our Life, by Starlight. It's a reboot fic, but there is no mention of being inspired by the one thewinsomewasp wrote. So, I feel like there are a couple others out there somewhere... Does anyone have any suggestions or links? Thanks in advance!
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Unpopular opinion: Superdaddy!Brian bores me.
So I'm looking for stories in which Brian is around the age he is in canon and Gus doesn't exist or he's not Brian's son.
They have to be B/J centric, of course.
No character bashing or Brian/Other please.

Edit: 2 suggestions in the comments. Thanks! If you know of any others please keep adding!
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Looking for a fic where Jennifer is killed in a motorcyle accident along with Tucker. The gang does attend the funeral, and are surprised by the changes in Justin.

The Great Divide
Link in the comments
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I want to read some fics where Brian can cook and chooses not to for anyone but
Justin if they exist.

Update: Noting so far oh well :( Maybe next time
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] franzferdinannd at Brian cheats on Justin
Hi!I'm looking for fics where Brian is in a monogamous relationship with Justin and ends up cheating on him.Preferably a fic where he fights for him afterwards.OH and lots of angst please.Not looking for a specific fic,just some good recs from you beautiful people.
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I'm trying to find an AU mpreg this is what I remember:

Just was originally with some sort of military person who eventually denies paternity of their child

Justin moves in with Brian

Brian and Justin have another

Brian adopts the child from said previous relationship

I've looked through the tags, midnightwhisper, and all the usual suspects but I cannot seem to find it...

Thank you so much!!

Edit: Found! Link in comments!
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] franzferdinannd at Teacher fic! J/Older
Hi! I'm looking for a specific fic in which Justin is older and is Brian's high school teacher(no,it's not the teacher fic by laura and rachel)
I remember that Justin gets kind of upset because Brian won't bottom for him but gets over it for a while until Justin catches Brian bottoming for his swimming coach and breaks up with him.Brian becomes sort of miserable without Justin and after a while sort of begs him to take him back. I think Brian gets in a fight after with a school bully and Justin kinda saves him and then they make up.
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I'm looking for the fic where Justin owns a part of Sydney's gallery. Lindsey gets fired because she's incompetent and rude to Jus.

Found, link in the thread :)
if anyone has recs to fics like this please go ahead and add to it if you want.

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