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Yes. You've been wondering, and now it's finally happening.

With recent changes in LJ's ownership and terms, concerns about censorship, and even journals being deleted due to misguided attempts to squash spambots, we have decided it is best to find a new home. As many of you predicted, Dreamwidth seems to be the place :)

Red, as comm owner, is planning to import the comm to Dreamwidth in the next couple of days. Once it's done, we will make another announcement post letting you know and providing a link... which hopefully doesn't get us deleted as a spambot lol.

Because the comm will be remaining here as well, but posting will be disabled; all posting from then on will be done at Dreamwidth. The original hope was for DW to just be a backup and to have the comm still active here, but since any posts or comments added here at LJ post-import would NOT show up on the comm at DW, that would mean we'd have to constantly re-import, which just makes no sense. GIH at LJ will continue to be a tremendous fandom resource, as an ARCHIVE.

I never spent much time at DW, but I imported my own LJ over there to sort of prepare myself for these changes, and I do quite like it. We think this move will be best for everyone and we hope you agree! If you have any questions, I may or may not know the answers, but feel free to ask! ;) Thanks!!

Dot, Red, & Court
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